Why AliExpress Slashed Hair Vendors?


Why AliExpress slashed hair vendors?

The whole human hair market is HEAVILY saturated with so called “virgin hair”. It looks great in Youtube review videos, it gets high praises, and then you buy it, the hair isn’t the hair you anticipated wearing, you become a hair victim and throw the hair away maybe just within two weeks because it turned into a rats nest. There’re too many hair companies (not only hair stores on AliExpress, but also the hair companies with their own individual OFFICIAL websites) who are pushing poor quality hair at “too good to be true” prices. This is also why AliExpress has closed many new hair stores when this kind of AliExpress hair stores were just launched for a few days.

There is no industry standard for human hair industry. Every hair company can make one for its own products. This is also why we once saw 3A, 4A, 5A and though 5A hair may be the best. And soon there is a new 7A, and even 10A appeared. We buyers got confused. Like I told before, 10A hair in this AliExpress hair store may be equal to the 3A or 4A products in another AliExpress hair store. If you pay attention, you may find very few AliExpress hair stores label their hair extensions & wigs ?A now.

Since the human hair market is so complicated, non-standard, full of lies and hidden industry rules, it’s very smart and forward-looking for AliExpress to rectify its own hair trade situation.

Should we continue to buy hair from AliExpress or maybe we should consider some individual hair websites?

I personally suggest you buy hair from AliExpress like you always did before. But you can try the individual hair websites you think they may be good. But just remember at any time taking a risk will always come at a price. Frankly speaking, taking a risk is always necessary. Like myself, I like shopping around before making the final choice. It’s not a bad thing to become the victim of unreliable hair companies since how we tell the good ones if we even don’t see the bad ones.

If you buy hair from AliExpress, they will help you to avoid the scam. You can check the feedbacks (mostly with pictures and videos) from girls who have already bought. If you receive the bad quality hair extensions & wigs, you can ask for a return or exchange. Even the seller refused, you can ask for help from AliExpress customer support. You can open a dispute. But if you buy hair from an individual hair website, you will lose all your advantages when you make the payment. Maybe Paypal can give you a little help if you meet scam. But trust me it’s soon long and complicated.

There’re still good hair brands who have their own individual websites and cherish every hair buyer. They provide good quality hair products, fast shipping delivery and kind customer service. But it’s really hard to find one, at least I haven’t found one.

The hair companies you may purchased before through AliExpress may notify you their new official websites more than one time. What can I say? Judge by yourself buy or not to buy. If you pay attention, top AliExpress hair vendors have remained on AliExpress after April 1, 2017. Mostly small, new or not that popular ones are closed.

As for all AliExpress hair vendors, the survival rule was and will always be:

The better, the better. The bigger, the bigger.

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